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The US government kills

millions of animals in the United States every year with your tax dollars

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Grant County Commission Meeting to Consider Wildlife Services Contract

Help us End the War on Wildlife and ask the commission to cancel their contract with Wildlife Services

Start: July 19, 2018 at 9:00 AM
Location: Grant County Administration Center
1400 Highway 180 East, Silver City, NM 88061

Help End the War on Wildlife

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The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

—— Mahatma Gandhi

Public lands belong to all of us and are the last refuge for many wild animals.
These beautiful animals should be nurtured and protected. Instead millions are exterminated in their homes at an outrageous rate by a cruel and secretive program of the U.S. government called Wildlife Services.
Last year alone this rogue program admitted to killing at least 1,681,283 native animals with brutal methods including aerial gunning, trapping and poisoning. Be a Guardian for animals. Let’s End the War on Wildlife.

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Tell your elected officials to End the War on Wildlife, that you stand with wildlife against the cruel and ecologically destructive practices of Wildlife Services.

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Our Mission

Native wildlife deserves to exist and thrive in their home—the iconic landscapes of the American West. We are building a groundswell of support to end the cruel and outdated killing methods of Wildlife Services.


Stop poisoning, trapping, snaring, aerial gunning and other inhumane practices.


Protect millions of wild animals from being targeted by Wildlife Services agents every year.


Nurture compassion for all animals through non-lethal wildlife management.


Reform Wildlife Services to comply with modern science-based best practices.

Their Crime? Being Wild.

Gray Wolf | End the War on Wildlife | WildEarth Guardians
Crime? Looking for dinner.

Wildlife Services kills hundreds of wolves every year, despite science showing top carnivores are essential to healthy, thriving ecosystems.

Black Bear | End the War on Wildlife | WildEarth Guardians
Crime? Living in logging country.

Black bears are killed by Wildlife Services in the interest of the timber industry.

Feeding Pups | End the War on Wildlife | WildEarth Guardians
Crime? Feeding their pups.

Tens of thousands of coyotes are shot, gassed and poisoned each year because the livestock industry refuses to coexist.

Their Crime? Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

Dogs Killed | End the War on Wildlife | WildEarth Guardians
Crime? Walking on public land.

Beloved pets are killed by poison, snares and traps meant for wildlife.

Wol | End the War on Wildlife | WildEarth Guardians
Crime? Hunting rodents.

Owls die from poison used to kill ravens, prairie dogs, and other “pest” animals.

Bald Eagle | End the War on Wildlife | WildEarth Guardians
Crime? Daring to eat.

An arsenal of toxins—from cyanide to strychnine—make our wild landscapes a lethal minefield for the iconic bald eagle.

Let's End the War on Wildlife

Together, our advocacy and legal actions reign in cruelty and can end the senseless slaughter. Join the fight. We are a 4/4-star effective, independently vetted non-profit.

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