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Photo: James Balog

The Killing Machine

In the past 10 years, Wildlife Services spent over $1 billion to kill over 37 million animals.

The ironically named “Wildlife Services,” created in 1931, doesn’t serve wildlife—it was created to serve the ranching and agricultural interests of a few. Its policies are not driven by modern scientific evidence that recognizes the crucial role that top-tier carnivores play in ensuring healthy ecosystems, but by archaic prejudices against iconic species like cougars, coyotes, bears and wolves. Over 100,000 native carnivores are exterminated annually. It’s time to End the War on Wildlife now.

Tools of Cruelty

Wildlife Services does not provide “services” to wildlife but rather it subjects wildlife to pain, mutilation, and death.
Aerial Gunning
Aerial gunning costs up to $805 of your tax dollars per animal killed. The ecological damage—immeasurable.
Deadly Poisons 
Poisons aren’t picky. Thousands of non-target animals including domestic dogs, eagles, owls and foxes die “by accident” each year.
Cruel Traps and Snares
Traps, hidden on your public lands, indiscriminately capture and kill animals, including endangered species and dogs.

Compassion in Action

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